A Fallen Light, A New Hope

A Blacksmith's Workings XXVII


I didn’t get to say goodbye. Not properly. Aaron made sure of that.

We navigated through the castle to find the Duke. He agreed to return assuming we could get Bagoda on board. She proved difficult to deal with. She tried to kill us, which was to be expected. I talked to her first. She proved unwilling to work with me as usual. She knows my distaste for her and I know her power. No deal was struck, but I learned of another deal. A deal with Aaron. He went behind my back and tried to bring Rowan back. He forced Mireya into a position to swallow her pride to bring us all home.

His deal to bring back Rowan failed. The Rowan I know and love is gone. What remains is a blank slate. A newborn child who I get to watch grow up as I grow old. She will live a good life but one without me.

We found a fey elf while traveling home. She seemed to wander into this plane due to Bagoda’s meddling taking us home. She seemed lost and confused when she returned to consciousness. And upon talking to the Duke about her fate she holds more to her past then she is letting on. She offered to help us in our mission. Which now that the deal makers are back, seems to be returning to the arena to rescue Mireya’s family.



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