A Fallen Light, A New Hope

A Blacksmith's Workings XXVIII


We headed north to the Arena, we went in search for Sebastian and Marcella. Kara may also be in the Arena, under the Black’s control. We snuck into the Arena and went in search for the targets. We found came across some nobles who mentioned that an arena fight would happen involving an arena fighter and apprentice. We continued our search and found Kara with a necklace that was controlling her. Kara placed another necklace around Marcella’s neck. The fight was moved to the arena where we learned we had to beat Kara. We had to choose to save either Kara or Mercella, and the other would die. The fight turned south when Mireya went down and Aaron made a deal with Bagoda to help our odds. The fight went our way. We were able to overcome Kara and beat her down and save her from the grasp of the Black. As Kara fell unconscious, Marcella’s necklace tightened and took her life. I told Mireya to leave Marcella and to find Sebastian. I followed her out of the Arena with Marcella’s now lifeless body. We borrowed a carriage from the Black and headed back towards Baecrest. I learned of the deal with Bagoda. Upon reaching Baecrest we stopped by our home. We broke the bad news to Mireya’s family and the others. I went to the the Duke’s to have him dispose of the carriage.- I requested his help with Marcella, he said he could not help me.- After talking to the Duke we separated and went our own way home. Arseni and I went to the pub to drink away our problems. I awoke the next day feeling good but with a slight headache.



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