A Fallen Light, A New Hope

an Alchemist's Tale

second 9th day Mirtul, 1394

Camping is one of the few things I can never get enough of. I love being outside around nature and being able to gather what ever ingredients I need. however this camping trip was… unique.. it started off great we made camp. we had some fun, we were able to hunt a deer! Arseni caught it in one of his traps. quite impressive actually.

but that is where the fun ended.. mid way through the night goblins attacked us we managed to fend them off but.. well not with out some injuries.. Kaleb took an arrow to the arm and Arseni.. well he wasn’t looking so good either..

Kara convinced the group to head out to search for them and followed their trace down a cave… this cave was dangerous.. traps everywhere Arseni almost lost his life.. and to top it off undead.. everywhere! it was a miracle we made it out alive.. but Kara was adament we continued.. which we did..

we came across a weird circle.. I think it was something magical… I wish mom was still around she would have known what it was.. she did study this stuff after all.. but it seemed to like Arseni.. he stood in the middle and the path forward opened up!

we spoke to some weird halfling lady she appeared to us.. Keirin she said her name was.. i remember that name from the tales of the brave nameless warriors that saved our world.. anyway she gave us this weird power.. I felt like i was stronger in some way.. i can’t really explain it..

well she didn’t do it for the fun of it.. there was some necromancer trying to tap into her power.. and needed us to help her. well it’s a good thing we did because it seemed like he was the one who sent the goblins our way.. and well to be honest he is the reason Kaleb and Arseni got hurt.. so I needed to make sure he didn’t get away.

well I failed.. he did get away.. but not with out leaving some stuff behind. i gathered it up and we went back to camp.. The next day we went exploring one more time and found this weird stump.. It apparently was the home of a pixie.. a frog pixie.. and basically he likes acorns.. yep acorns.. and he was nice enough to trade Arseni for his acorn he gave him something called a spell focus.. something that will allow him to control his new found powers..

now this pixie is rude.. very rude.. but he his weird powers i can feel it.. plus i have read about them in books.. and well Kaleb dosen;t like insults directed at his friends.. or me.. and as nice and chivalrous as he is.. I made sure to stop him before mr pickalo turned him into a frog…

when we got back to camp Kaleb was obviously upset so i took him out for a walk. and explained that i appreciate his deffence of me. but sometimes words should be left alone especially against a force we don’t understand.. He hugged me and let me know that he appreciates that i look out for him.. but he made sure to not let me forget that hes the one that should be looking out for me. I kissed him, and said i would never dream of taking his job away. and we walked back understanding of waht happened and in a much better mood.

well That mood was short lived once we got back to town.. unfortunately Kara decided to rush to see my grandmother to help Arseni with his stress.. and told Grandmother Lyne everything.. well let’s just say i am lucky to only have 1 day of work lined up.. it could have been much worse. well after i finish work today we plan on going to the farm tomorrow. so i can’t wait to see what happens on our next adventure!



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