A Fallen Light, A New Hope

an Alchemist's Tale II

I can’t believe it. all that hard work and it back fires on us… Estelle… Grandmother… I… I only wanted to help people… be useful… I am sorry this happened… we thought it was just wolves.. not a druid.. we managed to kill her.. and destroyed her weird amulet but it gave us this weird powers in exchange and we don’t know the effects of it yet. I can only hope that nothing bad happened to any of us…

I am a bit more at ease in my own mind now that i did some more work around the shop, I wanted to make sure it was in perfect condition for you when you get back. I am not panicked… but I vow to you as i write this journal i will get you back, safely… no matter the cost… I. no. We, my friends and I will do this for all our loved ones.. I.. I can’t be left alone… I have so much to learn and… I can’t be alone… not again… mother… No. I will not let you meet the same fate that she did. I refuse. even if its just me and my new friend the owl, who i really should name.. maybe something alchemy themed… like.. vial! no… moss? no.. and now i am writing my thoughts..

Anyway! I am coming for you grandmother, i will get you home safe.. just please stay alive..



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