A Fallen Light, A New Hope

An Alchemist's Tale XLII

Well, Maybe I was to hasteful like always, Maybe we should have looked for another way… I thought we would all share the burden, I.. I yet again failed when it comes to things i don’t actually understand… And now Arseni has to deal with the consequences of my actions, instead of looking for another way I pushed them that it wouldn’t be that bad… there must have been another way, the fey elves maybe? maybe the black had something had we gone and defeated him first? who knows… What i do know is that I need to end all of this, I need to get that sword to help me control my powers, and I need to end this horrible situation that everyone I care about is living in… and once we clear everything and it all calms down, I need to step away… step away and work on myself, or I think the elves will gladly take me in as a student after i helped liberate their home… at least I can only hope they do…

In the end tho, nothing can remove the mistakes I have made… I just hope i can learn from them…



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