A Fallen Light, A New Hope

An Unsent letter

Dearest grandmother,

I am so sorry we had a fight, and I am sorry i have caused so much pain for you and my friends. You accuse me of being immature and making bad decisions and you are right. I have made some terrible choices these past few months. I have been blind to how my actions and how the have hurt so many people…

I want you to know that I have been honest with you about everything I have done because I trust you with everything and to keep me on the right path, but the recent events have shaken that trust. I know you are hiding something from me, and I don’t want to pry into your affairs, but what ever you are hiding is stressing you and I am worried.

I… don’t want you to forgive me as i don’t deserve it. but what i do need is to know that no matter what I do that when i come home I have someone i can talk to, like before. I know you won’t ever understand why I have to do what I do, and I know what i am doing is probably foolish, but I can’t stop. I have seen what kind of problems are out there, I have seen what happens to my home if these people go unchecked… I have lost so much in payment for these adventures, but i fear that had i not gone on them the cost would have been worse…

I know about Kaleb… and I was hopping i could talk to you about it, but after our fight I thought you wouldn’t be interested in hearing any more of my problems… but Callum has sent him and Ander away, the moment we returned. It hurts… a lot more than I am letting people know… I… I have lost all 3 of the most important people in my life… I got 2 of them back but i fear i may have lost Kaleb… I am trying to be strong, but I need your strength grandmother…

I need you to understand that despite all of this I Love you, I understand where your frustration comes from, I am trying to change my way of acting for the better… but I need you to be ok with me leaving, at the very least accept it, and welcome me home and listen to my stories to help me stay in check and not make worse decisions that i have made. I need you grandmother, but please understand I can’t stay in Baemore and do nothing with everything going on around the island

~ Aaron Lyne



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