A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Catalog of a Cartographer II

Personal Log 2

Well, I thought Kara’s camping trip would be fun but fairly dull, but nothing could have been further from the truth. It started out pretty dull although we did help an old merchant whose cart had been damaged on the way to Baemore. Iona fixed his cart and Aaron took a look at some of the merchant’s potions, one of which he gave us for helping him fix his cart. Kara had already picked out a spot to camp, and although I had not been there before it was quite nice.

A quickly drawn map of the campsite and surrounding areas

We went hunting and settled down for the night without anything else interesting happening. We were woken up in the night by Arseni yelling about goblins and I sleepily stumbled out of my tent to see our small campsite filled with goblins. The goblins swarmed around us and almost overwhelmed Arseni but we where able to fight them off without anyone being too badly hurt. Some of us wanted to try to get out of the woods and away from the goblins, but after quite a bit of arguing we decided to track the goblins to their hideout and end their threat and punish them for messing up Kara’s camping trip. We found a cave entrance that had goblin tracks leading into it and made our way into the cave’s depths.

A map of the cave entrance and the surrounding areas

There were many vicious traps hidden in the cave and even Iona with her knowledge of mechanical things could not disable the one that fired darts out of the wall. Iona and Arseni were sneaking past a pile of gravel that was obviously a trap when they opened a door. Behind that door, was what I can only describe as a skeleton reanimated by something. Arseni seemed to panic a bit having seen the skeleton, which was understandable, and he jumped backwards onto the pile of gravel. There was some sort of explosion and Arseni was knocked out and had to be dragged back to safety. The explosion alerted the rest of the creatures in that room and they rushed out and started attacking us. There were multiple skeletons and goblins, although it seemed quite strange that the skeletons were working with the goblins. We were able to take out the rest of the goblins and skeletons and explore the rest of the cave until we found a very strange room.

A map of the cave with notes on the various magic things and traps labelled

There seemed to be no way past the wall of fire and it was not until Arseni walked into the center of the magical sigil on the floor and the fire disappeared. We were not sure why the sigil reacted to Arseni in particular but when we came upon a large crystal things became more clear. When Arseni walked up to the crystal, an entity called Kerin who called herself “The Aspect of Magic.” She said something evil was defiling this cave and she needed us to help her defeat it. When we agreed, the crystal disappeared and I felt stronger, faster, and smarter than before. We pressed onward into a room that had a darkly dressed elf who attacked us. Goblins swarmed in from the door we came in but I felt like I could not miss and sent arrow after arrow into the ranks. Meanwhile Arseni was flinging around what could only be magic while Iona and Aaron attacked the elf. The elf summoned many undead to protect himself, but in the end Aaron was able to slash through the skeletons protecting him and kill the elf.

A map of the boss room and an overall drawing of the entire area

I know we did more stuff than this but I was really sleepy and do not remember much else



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