A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Tales of the Huntress IV

Worry and sympathy

I think I’m finally starting to see why they were so keen on warning me when I first joined up on that trip to the forest. I knew they had been though something heavy, but the way Mireya was acting made it sound like whatever she lost to Bagoda might as well been a piece of her soul. She was so broken and regretful, is that what dealing with that witch does? I tried to help her feel a bit better, even if we had a small spat earlier I can never stand to see someone suffer, but I’m not sure if it did any good.

What I am sure of is this; I will never say yes to that woman or any of those people. I feel so ashamed for almost doing it when I first met her. I probably would have said yes if I hadn’t promised Roy I wouldn’t. I can’t be that weak willed again.

Why did Roy and Mireya have to hold me back?! Part of me understands, but I can’t help but feel out of my mind with frustration. He just ran off without me! Just like when he left with them in the first place. Is it really so much to ask that he let me help? I’m already worried out of my mind over Randal, I don’t need to feel in the dark about anyone else I care about right now!

Her threat is still with me every free moment I have. I keep telling myself there’s nothing she could want from me or Randal. He’s a farm manager who barely knows how to swing a sword and I’m a hunter who just now found my way to this group. What reason would she have to make good on that threat to go see him? I want to believe she was just threatening me into talking to her more, but now…

I don’t know. The way Aaron and Roy described their visit, this woman is mad and powerful. I can’t risk that it was just a threat, I have to get back to Randal as soon as possible. I should have gone there in the first place. I got the thought of taking a step after the man who attacked Baemore in my head and ignored the danger my own little brother might be in. What sort of sister am I? I have to see him, even if it means exhaustion or risking the goblins on the road I’m not doing anything else until I’m sure he’s safe. The most I’ll have to allow is a nights rest in Baemore and then straight to the farms. Everyone’s exhausted, and I don’t think I can ask them to travel injured, I’ll at least say a goodbye I suppose before I head off and let everyone know what I’m doing.

Please to whatever gods may still be out there, Melora, Pelor, Avandra and anyone else, please just let this be paranoia and an empty threat. Please don’t let anything happen to my baby brother because of me.



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