A Fallen Light, A New Hope

The Healer's Diary I

Mireya's Thoughts Vol. I

23rd Day of Kythorn

Well, this has certainly been unexpected. Who would have ever thought that one’s life could be so changed in but the course of a single afternoon?

FIrst, it was lovely to see Aaron again, although it’s clear that he’s not been having such a good time of things. I admit to having been ignorant as to the extent of his adventures in the past, but to find that he’s been jumping head first into such mortal danger is… alarming, to say the least. To have lost a friend, a fellow companion in his journeys, and to imagine such a fate befalling him — unthinkable, really.

Even more unthinkable is to realize that I can help.

I won’t be so bold as to assume that after a mere few weeks of practice I am any sort of expert, or that I’ve even had time to explore many of these strange new things that I’m able to do, but I do know how to heal. With focus on this wonderful new ability of mine, I’m becoming better by the day. Perhaps I won’t be able to add much in the way of fighting, but I’ve been working on some spells for that too! This old book is so full of amazing things; I’m sure that the more I read, the more I’ll learn and the more I’ll be able to contribute. After all, what good is having a gift if you never get to use it to help the people who need it most?

Of course, if only Doctor Anglehorn would be open to the idea, I could be so much stronger by now. It so frustrates me, his close-mindedness to magic and the healing arts. I can understand being scared of what you don’t know, but how can one watch a person die simply because they refuse to explore all of the options? It seems to me that this doesn’t make you a very good doctor at all…

No, I shouldn’t write such things. Having apprenticed under the man for so long now, I’ve of course come to know him as a genuinely compassionate soul who does what he thinks is right for his patients… But this old way of thinking which prohibits me from even speaking of what I can do for fear of his reaction — is that not a waste? Since discovering my new powers, all I can do is sit up at night and wonder if his patients that day suffered, even died when perhaps I could have done something more. It’s been torture, to the point that I’m not entirely certain how much longer I can in good faith keep quiet about this.

But I won’t have to worry about that right now, it seems. Going along with my cousin and his friends, trading in my ineffective existence at home and at work for the chance to learn more about my powers and keep others safe in the process… this is what I need. Even Father agrees, although I worry desperately of how he and my siblings will get along with me gone. Father’s always so busy working and I’m nearly the only mother Sebastian has ever known — if only I could convince Marcella to spend less time out with her friends and more time helping out around the house, perhaps I’d feel a bit better.

Yet he’s insisted, and so I’m gathering my things, preparing to leave when Aaron next calls. I must admit to being scared of what I’m about to get into, being worried about how my family will fare without me, but if I don’t give things a try I’ll certainly never know. This has the feeling of being a pivotal moment in my life and I can’t just let it slip past.

So here’s to safe travels, wherever they may take me. I’m certain I’ll have much to write about soon.



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