A Fallen Light, A New Hope

The Healer's DIary XXIII

Mireya's Thoughts Vol. 23

8th of Uktar

I’d never have imagined myself an outlaw, but it seems that this is the role in which I’ve been found. I can’t imagine who we could have offended this time, but I really shouldn’t be surprised — upsetting people is what we seem to do best, after all. People with power and influence, even… Mayor Balmonte, Bagoda, the Brotherhood of the Silent Lamb, and now this mystery woman as well. What is it about us that’s so threatening to those with so much at their disposal already that they feel compelled to cast us from their realms, stalk us down, send bounty hunters chasing after our heads?

We — or at least I — certainly did not set off on this path with the intention of ruining anyone’s lives, but we’ve now become an apparently major annoyance to an ever-growing host of curious figures.

As long as they do not hinder me on my quest to get my son back, in the end I suppose it’s of little consequence. Mediocre bandit wannabes like the ones we ran into can be dangerous, but are ultimately no match for us. What worries me more is when those pulling the strings begin to take us more seriously, dispatch more formidable foes to hunt us down.

I would say that Bagoda being the only person I have any interest in bringing to an end is true… until the day that I meet the person who stops me from getting at her and getting Briar back. I can’t say who my hatred would flare for more at this point, but I do know that these are the conditions of my losing all mercy.

Darling boy, are you at least safe? Are you fed, warm, and well?

Stay strong. I am coming for you.

No one will stop me.



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