A Fallen Light, A New Hope

The Lost One's Tome IV

Bargains and Promises

1st 3rd day, The Melting

I should have said no. I should have been stronger and a lot of other things. Those awful pixies were right. I am pathetic. My own timidity has damned twelve souls and possibly a thirteenth in a good man who had far more courage than I did.

I am so sorry Arseni. If I could relieve your burden I would, but there’s no undoing the past or it’s sins. Feeling sorry for myself when someone else is suffering much worse would be the most pathetic thing I’ve done yet.

Instead I make a promise. I will become stronger, and learn to face my weakness. As hesistant as I am I will not leave just yet. Not until this curse is dealt with. It will not be easy. This group seems to attract awful attention, and it’s strongest will appears to be it’s greatest fool.

But I have no other choice. I promise Arseni, I will repay this wrong, and I will protect you. I will not let your soul be the one that suffers for this.



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