A Fallen Light, A New Hope

The Lost One's Tome V


Dear Arseni,

I am unsure what exactly compelled me to write this, but I felt like it was necessary.  I was a stranger and an outsider and you sheltered me without any hesitation or doubt.  Few could claim to be so kind and noble.  You and your friends saved my life. You save many lives, and aren’t thanked nearly enough flr it from what I’ve seen.  So thank you.  For everything. 

Forgive me, but I am afraid I told a small lie before.  Whether we survive our assault on the Black or not.  I will not be returning to the Feywilds.  My family knows, and they have accepted it.   If I live I intend to stay with the wood elves for a time, to study and train in hopes of learning more about this gift, and to help in their efforts to rebuild in anyway I can.  I think the time for old predjiduces has long passed, don’t you? 

Whether I live to do that or not, there is one thing I want you to know.  Your group inspired me, but mostly, you did.  You were afraid and you were hesitant, just like me.  I am still afraid, but I will not let it stop me.  It never stopped you.  You showed courage and kindness like I have never seen, and even when you faltered remained a good man. 

You are a good man Arseni.  For all that you doubt, know that is the one thing you never need to.

Solen’Ia A’Darine



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