A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Trapper's Tales XLII

3rd 2nd day, Ches - This deal keeps getting worse all the time

3rd 2nd day, Ches
Well, this went poorly. I’m assuming it’s because of my hesitation and reluctance.
I just wish we’d stop walking into these situations that damn us, time after time.

We were told that if we went and saw the Bone Mason (which I already assumed was going to be a bad idea, just based on his name) he would be willing to do a deal which would see him help us free Dolan’esca. In return, for a year we had to provide one soul to him and condemn it to eternal suffering.

In a worrying trend of events, most people seemed rather on board with this. I was the only dissenting voice. However, it was an all or nothing agreement, either we all agreed or the bargain wasn’t struck. Using the idea of spread blame I wouldn’t be culpable, so in the end I agreed, telling myself it was to not hold back the others.

However, when we’d all agreed, I was the only one marked. A tattoo looking thing is etched into my arm, and I can remove a small dagger from it. I’m to plunge it into the still-living heart of whoever I am to condemn.

I’m not especially happy about it.
But I think, a little of me was hoping we’d have some left over power when the deal was done. Maybe, just maybe, it will remain when my mark is removed, a little something to help us forward. Even the gods who have forsaken us know we need it.



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