A Fallen Light, A New Hope

Trappers Talex XII

1st 4th day, Eleint - Letter in the mail

The page is ragged, as though torn from a book, and has crease marks where it was folded to fit into an envelope

1st 4th day, Eleint
Sent from Kestrel’s Corner

Dear Ms Lyne,

I’m sorry for going out of town with Aaron, when clearly you wish him to remain at home. I know you didn’t want to talk about it, or hear our reasons, but I hope you will read my letter.

I understand, I do. By the gods who abandoned us, there would be few that would wish to undertake the journeys, the trials and encounter the problems that we have, and even fewer more reluctant to undertake them than I am. Those same gods know that our decision making hasn’t necessarily been the best, of late. We’ve tried, but not succeeded as admirably as you, Mireya and I myself would have wanted. Aaron has become increasingly aware of his poor decisions of late, as well.

But I feel the need to explain why I, at the very least, keep going out.

I don’t know how we came by these strengths we’ve been given, and as often as not I deeply, honestly wish we had not. But now that we have, I feel that we, or at least I, have need to make use of them to benefit others. Gifts are not given to be locked away, hidden in the back of the cupboard.

If we had tucked them away for fear of use, not for the information we had uncovered by using them, prior to the assault on the town by bandits, what would have happened? Many died or were wounded, left out of home, but how many more would have been killed if not for the assistance of Aaron? I can sincerely say we could not have defeated their leader without him, and the town would still be in the grips of the bandits or worse.

I’ve heard it said, I don’t remember where but potentially from a lesson at your own knee, that all that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Aaron is a good man; no longer a boy but a man, and he is doing as well as he can to fight the rising tide of evil.

Once more, Ms Lyne, I am sorry for letting him disregard your wishes, but I hope you will understand.

Arseni Evgenii.



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