Aaron Lyne

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Name: Aaron Lyne
age 19 (birthday 2nd 9th day of Nightal)
Alignment Neutral Good
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Occupation: Alchemist’s Assistance/ Adventurer
Mannerisms: Polite, hasty
Notable Traits: always speaking up when he has an idea, and believes his idea’s are always good.
- Completed Advanced Schooling. in 3 years, at Estelle expectations.
- Doing apprentice work with Estelle to be an Alchemist

1. Very Caring, to the point he will do anything to get a job done.
2. Quick to act and throw himself in danger for a friend.

1. Gets to emotional towards new people. clouds his judgment.
2. Expects to much out of some people.
3. Quick to act and puts himself in danger
Likes: the outdoors. anything magical or alchemy in nature. mystery and solving things and debates.
Dislikes: . ignorant people. being ignored. bad ideas.
Life goal: To find his mother, and figure out what happened to her. He wants answers.
Aspirations: to master the art of alchemy
Favourite Food: Porc roast, with potatoes.
Favourite Drink: Wild Berry Cider

Sexuality: (Please rate 0-7)
- 5 = Mostly homosexual with the possibility of heterosexual activities with someone, mainly with a close friend or in extreme needs of companionship.

Romantic Interest: Kaleb Balmonte (seperated due to events… trying to rebuild a friendship)
– Devon Pedigree – New potential interest. assumed to be the man he saw in his dream that had him trapped.
Restrictions on Race for sexual interest humans, elves and half elves.
Restrictions on Subrace for sexual interest no drow
Notable friendship:Anders Stormwind – (rocky after he started a relationship with Kaleb)

- Mother Alison Lyne
- Grandmother Estelle Lyne
- Father (recently revealed) Augustus Benninger

Rate 1-5: (Eg. Reserved Vs. Outgoing – 2, you are mostly reserved but outgoing on occasion. Feel free to use .5 if needed.)
Reserved Vs. Outgoing: 3
Emotionally Chaotic Vs. Emotionally Stable: 4
Submissive Vs. Dominate: 3
Serious Vs. Less Serious: 2
Expedient Vs Conscientious: 2
Timid Vs Venturesome: 4
Tough- Minded Vs. Sensitive: 4
Trusting Vs Suspicious: 2
Practical Vs. Imaginative: 1
Forthright Vs. Shrewd: 2
Self-Assured Vs. Apprehensive: 2
Conservative Vs. Liberal:4
Group Dependent Vs. Self-Sufficient:2
Uncontrolled Vs. Controlled:2
Relaxed Vs. Tense:2

Apperance: Short brown hair, always smiling. Slightly tanned skin from always being outside gathering ingredients for his grandmother. His clothes are clean, but worn,, evidence he doesn’t stay in one spot for long. A long brown coat that comes down just past your knees; it primary sits to the back and has no protection on the front; this jacket

His posture reveals that he has been. the outgoing happy child that started this adventure has turned into a weary eyed adventurer. although he still eagerly goes on his adventures, he is aware of the dangers. Still always smiling to anyone he sees and still happy by nature, Aaron is much more aware of the danger.

Height: 5’11
Body Type: Thin, slightly toned
Eye Colour: Green
Attire: Normal every day attire a a short sleeved shirt with pants. and a jacket for when its cold outside… Has a specific robe for performing alchemy in the family lab.


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Aaron Lyne

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