Agron Starag

Former Captain of the Baemore Guard


Name: Agron Starag
Age: 47
Race: Human
Sub race:
Profession: Retired Guard Captain
Mannerism: Reserved but talkative.
Traits: Wise, thoughtful & lazed in age.
Notable Injuries: Leg injury, affects ability to walk.



Notable Items:


Once the captain of the Baemore guard, Agron was once a young man who strived to be the best at all things, he fell in love with a young woman and had a child; Kara Starag. Two years after the birth of his daughter, the young woman he was in love with was kidnapped while out walking out of the city walls to forge for berries by goblins. Agron had been elevated to the status of City Guard and used this position and the influence with it to go after the Goblins.

Agron pursued the Goblins with friends and attacked the goblin camp, after the attack at the camp Agron had found Kara’s mother wounded and dying, Agron himself had been wounded grievously.

Agron had brought Kara’s mother home to Baemore but she did not last long after she died.

Agron continued to raise Kara, but after a few years his wounds finally caught up to him and forced him to retire allowing Laris Tresden to become the new guard captain.

Agron spends most of his time around his house, he makes small trinkets with his wood carving skills, between that and his pension he manages to just afford to support him and Kara

Agron Starag

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