Amora Delwynn

The Baker's Wife


Name: Amora Delwynn

Age: 40

Race: Human

Sub race: Chondothan 

Profession: Bookkeeper 

Mannerisms: Poised, Quiet

Traits: Shrewd, Intelligent
Likes: Reading, Sweets, Spending time with her family

Dislikes: Disorder, Non-Humans
Husband Brom Delwynn
Son Markus Delwynn
Appearance: Short brown hair, and light brown eyes with deep bags underneath. 

Height: 5’8

Attire: A simple brown dress with thin shawl over her shoulders

Notable Items: N/A


The wife of the local baker Brom Delwynn, she married Brom after her first marriage failed and the two had a son Markus Delwynn together.

Amora works with her husband in the bakery as the bookkeeper and handles the business side of things.

Amora Delwynn

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