Ander Stormwind

Youngest Baemore Guard


Name: Ander Stormwind
Age: 19
Race: Human
Sub race: Illuskan
Nickname or preferred name: Ander
Occupation: Baemore Guard
Mannerisms: Honorable and proper, strong willed in most situations but often shy and easily made nervous around uncomfortable situations, especially around people he has feelings for.
Notable Traits: Humble, Overprotective, “dorky” and caring. easily suspicious of newer people but fairly trusting after a short while.
Weaknesses: Will go against his better judgement for Kara
Likes: Serving Baemore, his friends
Dislikes: Scoundrels, the dishonorable and anyone who mistreats his friends.
Life goal: To become Captain of the Baemore Guard
Aspirations:Become a better solider, become a strong fighter & find someone to get married to and have children.
Favourite Food: Lasagna (Or anything Kara makes)
Favourite Drink: A standard Ale found in Baemore


Between 2-3

- 2 = Mostly heterosexual with the possibility of homosexual activities with someone, generally in terms of feeling close to someone to feelings of loneliness.
- 3 = Bisexual, no preference between males and females.

Romantic Interest: Kara (This is not known to anyone)
Restrictions on Race for sexual interest Humans, Elves – Humanoid appearing races.
Restrictions on Subrace for sexual interest
Notable friendship: Kara Starag, Kaleb Balmonte, Friends with many of the younger Baemore Guards.

- Mother Westra Stormwind
- Father, late – Unnamed

Rate 1-5:

Reserved Vs. Outgoing: 2
Emotionally Chaotic Vs. Emotionally Stable: 4
Submissive Vs. Dominate: 4
Serious Vs. Less Serious: 2
Expedient Vs Conscientious: 5
Timid Vs Venturesome: 3
Tough- Minded Vs. Sensitive: 2
Trusting Vs Suspicious: (1 for a known or well known person, 5 for someone just met)
Practical Vs. Imaginative: 1.5
Forthright Vs. Shrewd: 4
Self-Assured Vs. Apprehensive: 1
Conservative Vs. Liberal: 3
Group Dependent Vs. Self-Sufficient: 3
Uncontrolled Vs. Controlled: 5
Relaxed Vs. Tense: 5

Appearance: A tall young man that has medium brown hair and light brown eyes, fair and fair skin.
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 165lb
Body Type: Athletic
Eye Colour: Light brown
Attire: Can usually be seen in his Guards Armor, around town will generally wear trousers, boots or lowtop shoes and a silken shirt with a long V neck and short sleeves.
Has a set of training clothes which are loose shorts, and a loose fitting shirt that cuts heavily down into the chest and has short sleeves.


Ander is good firends with Kara Starag and Kaleb Balmonte, he lives alone with his mother [MOTHER HERE], both of his friends were exceptionally supportive of him when his father passed away shortly less than a decade ago from an illness.

Ander has been exposed to many of both Kalebs and Karas friends, although he has met most of them he does not get very social as he feels he can be awkward. Many people who wish to befriend Ander must make the first move.

Ander has been introduced to Kalebs boyfriend Aaron Lyne, and does consider them friends, although he maintains his awkward feelings around him when he sees him without Kaleb.

Ander Stormwind

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