Arseni Evgenii

The Hunter


Name: Arseni Evgenii
Age: 19 (In the body of a 23 year old)
Alignment: Neutral good
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Nickname or preferred name: Evgenii
Occupation: Fur trapper
Mannerisms: Furtive
Notable Traits: Overly apologetic, panicky.
Likes: Quiet.
Dislikes: Seafood, being called Arse
Life goal: Restore his original form
Aspirations: Woo Vesta St Clair
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Drink: Water
Sexuality: (Please rate 0-7) 6, following reincarnation. Previously 0.
- 0 = 100% heterosexual.
Romantic Interest: Vesta St Clair
Restrictions on Race for sexual interest Human
Restrictions on Subrace for sexual interest N/A
Notable friendship: Sister, Zia

- Mother Ida Evgenii
- Father Burchard Evgenii
- Brother HroÐgeirr Evgenii
- Sister Zia Evgenii

Rate 1-5: (Eg. Reserved Vs. Outgoing – 2, you are mostly reserved but outgoing on occasion. Feel free to use .5 if needed.)
Reserved Vs. Outgoing: 2
Emotionally Chaotic Vs. Emotionally Stable: .5
Submissive Vs. Dominate: 1
Serious Vs. Less Serious: 2
Expedient Vs Conscientious: 4
Timid Vs Venturesome: 1.5
Tough- Minded Vs. Sensitive: 4
Trusting Vs Suspicious: 4
Practical Vs. Imaginative: 1.5
Forthright Vs. Shrewd: 2.5
Self-Assured Vs. Apprehensive: 5
Conservative Vs. Liberal: 3
Group Dependent Vs. Self-Sufficient: 2
Uncontrolled Vs. Controlled: 1
Relaxed Vs. Tense: 4

Height: 6’3"
Weight: 180lb
Body Type: Muscular
Eye Colour: Bright blue, almost appear to shine.
Attire: Decent, but relatively cheap clothes. Quite new.

New Arseni (Male)

A tall man who is clearly fit, he has a defined body that has seen a great deal of recreational exercise.

Dirty blonde hair that is of medium length sits in a naturally, almost styled look.

His body, at first glance; is seen to be one that is well taken care of, clean and well taken care of nails and skin. Proper teeth which have seen proper care. And soft hands that have clearly never seen hard labor.

Old Arseni

With medium length brown hair, and very little stubble, Arseni often looked scraggly. That was accentuated by rough clothes which were frequently worn around the edges. His body was broad shouldered, but seemed to lack muscle definition.

This changed following a magical mishap, which saved him from death, but restored him to the body of a half elf. With long blonde hair and green eyes, (s)he has kept the dark green and brown hues of his previous clothing, but now has much newer clothing.


Original Arseni

Arseni after reincarnation

Arseni Evgenii

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