Augustus Benninger

Leader of the Benninger Society


Age: 67
Race: Human
Sub race: ||||

- Father, Cereno Benninger (Founder of the society)

Appearance: Appears to be wealthy
Attire: Purple Robes, appear to be for upper class.
Notable Items: Pendent with a purple stone


Master of the Benninger Society, considered one of the more predominant men in Baemore. Augustus is considered a genius Artificer with great skill, he uses this to attempt to find a new way to use magic with the absence of the gods.

He spends his time leading the Benninger Society.

Augustus had an apprentice named Alison, she was the daughter of Estelle Lyne. It was believed that Augustus was secretly in love with Alison. After many years of being Augustus’ apprentice, the rumors began to spread that Alison had gained the ability to cast magic, shortly after she went missing and no one knew where she had went.

Augustus was originally blamed for the differences of Alison. Augustus some how, it seemed made the investigation brought on by the Baemore Guard disappear. This caused a great deal of anger among some of the more modest citizens. Augustus became the target of many attempts to take his life.

Augustus mainly spends his time in the Benninger Society Hall, and will only leave with an escort.

Augustus Benninger

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