The Witch


Name: Bagoda
Age: Unknown, appears to be mid 20s
Race: Appears human
Sub race: Unknown, Possibly Mulani or a similar subrace
Profession: Witch of Crest Wood
Mannerism: Altering, calm but quick to become riled.
Traits: Calm, steady and quick (and easily) to anger.

Likes: Making deals
Dislikes: Those who break deals

Family: Unknown

Appearance: A tall female with flawless ebony skin, she wears decorations in her long black hair with parts tied into dreadlocks. She has flower petals of foreign flowers in her hair as well as skulls and bones of her foes. Those who see her more than once would often describe her as different although they can never tell how or why. She has what appear to be tribal markings on her face made from a paint.
Height: 5’9"
Attire: The bottom portion of her clothes is a dress, it comes down half way between her knees and ankles. made it red flowed material it appears old but has no holes. The top part is made up of roots and other organic matter from the the thicket where she calls home.


Known Deals:

*The Crestwood clearing *
- To clear the Crestwood of Undead by solving the Raven Crest problem

Forgetting Hero:
Aaron traded his memories of his beloved Owl, Hero in return for him to come back to life and be in the wild somewhere, forgetting him in return.

Sileases Deal:
- Iona would be returned to life after Caldwrath was killed instead of dying, Silease would lose her memories and be transferred somewhere else.

Ionas Deal:
Bagoda would kill Mara inreturn, Iona would service Bagoda – Bagoda claimed the deceptive Iona as Iona killed herself.

Aarons ill deal:
Aaron was cured of his poison, inflicted by a strange assassin; he in turn must slay the assassin who is responsible for the Kestrals Corner disappearances.

Rowans Mistake:
Rowan traded her memories of her family and traded their own memories away of her, she would regain them back shortly after the birth of Mireyas first born child. This would also heal her companions of the damage inflicted upon them.


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