Black, The

Arena Champion


Name: Black, The Black, Jack
Age: Unknown. At least 250 years
Race: Unknown, appears human.
Sub race: Unknown
Profession: Arena Champion
Mannerism: Polite & curious.
Traits: Odd, curious & Polite

Likes: Unknown

- Unknown

Appearance: Cloaked in a black robe with hood and a face mask. No skin shows.
Height: Roughly 6’
Attire: A black cloak and white mask
Notable Items: None known


The former arena champion. It is believed that he is tied to many of the events around Baemore by the hero party.

He comes across as strange to many people.

Things discovered

He uses two one handed weapons.

He seems to now run the Crestwood Arena

He has a strange servant who wears a turban.

Black, The

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