Bor Gragen

Baemore Potter


Name: Bor Gragen
Age: 71
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Potter
Mannerism: Outspoken
Traits: Inquisitive, Outspoken & “Overly” honest

Likes: Asking questions of people.
Dislikes: Mean or rude people, any type of fighting

-None known or spoken of.

Appearance: An older man with clear age lines, and thin stringy hair. He stands slightly hunched over and appears as if he needs a cane.
Height: 5’7"
Attire: Robed with pants underneath. Mostly undyed colours, sometimes wears faded blue or green robes.
Notable Items: None


An older man, sometimes described as the “Town kook”, he tends to get in the face of anyone who sparks more than a simple conversation with him, mainly asking them questions, starting off easy or innocent he will often get more personal if he catches something of interest.

Owns and runs a small pottery business out of his house, although it hadn’t give it an official name most people call it “The Kooks Pot” (Pronouncing it the “Cooks” pot"

Bor Gragen

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