Brom Delwynn

Baemore Baker


Name: Brom Delwynn

Age: 45
Race: Human
Sub race: Chondothan 

Profession: Baker
Mannerisms: Loud, Happy go lucky
Traits: Cheerful, Gluttenous, Good Humored
Likes: Good Food, Cooking, Gamblng
Dislikes: Conflict
Wife Amora Delwynn
Son Markus Delwynn
Appearance: Balding, black hair and pasty skin with patchy facial hair. Overweight.
Height: 6’1
Attire: Black tunic laced up in the front, and tight, patched pants


The owner of Delwynn’s Dozens, the local bakery in Baemore. Brom runs the kitchen and fills orders while letting his wife handle the business side of things. His son Markus is his apprentice and occasionally helps him in the kitchen.

Brom is known to be a very friendly man and a skilled cook by most people.

Brom Delwynn

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