Burchard Evgenii

Baemore Trapper


Name: Burchard Evgenii
Age: 47
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Trapper/Hunter
Mannerism: Brash, Crude and speaks with self-believed wisdom
Traits: Falsely believes his words are wise and should be followed to the T. Overbearing, proud & thick headed.

Likes: His work, His family and when people listen to his directions.
Dislikes: Anyone who would stand up to him or tell him he is wrong.

- Wife Ida Evgenii
- Son HroƐgeirr Evgenii
- Son Arseni Evgenii
- Daughter Zia Evgenii

Appearance: A large man with a full beard, he has a face worn from exposure to the elements.
Height: 6’1"
Attire: Cloth clothing, has a large leather coat with fur trim that comes down just below his knees.
Notable Items: None.


Burchard Evgenii is the local trapper in Baemore, he is a fairly well known man and regarded as an excellent trapper and is highly respected. Although this is the case it is known that he has little patients and can be short with people has has problems with.

Zia is the only person that Burchard seems to never raise his voice to, and as well; the only one he seems to listen to.

Burchard owns a hut just outside of Baemore where he raises his sons and lives with his wife.

Burchard Evgenii

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