Caldwrath The Vile

The Repugnant


Name: Caldwrath
Age: Unknown, presumably a few thousand years old due to the Bagoda conversation.
Race: Human
Sub race: Vampire
Profession: Vampire Lord
Mannerism: Humming, grabs his neck with fingers spread
Traits: Careful, Artful & Sophisticated.

Likes: High Society, Fine things (Art, Wine, ect.)
Dislikes: Liars, Red Hand & Cult of Pholitus


- Unknown

Appearance: A tall man who is well taken care of, he has pale skin that is flawless and appears as if it was made from Ivory. He has brown hair of medium length that comes back and is tied together. Red eyes that can be seen clearly in a dark room Caldwrath is a well put together man and acts as a gentleman.
Height: 6’1"
Attire: Noblemen clothes from Barrel, a jacket and pants.
Notable Items: None known of


Cladwrath moves elegantly and appropriately for a nobleman. He comes off as a very fine nobleman who seems oblivious to the fear that he strikes in others, he moves as he wishes and where he wishes without fear of consequences and how others would react or fear.

Witnessed by Aaron

- Cladwrath is a vicious vampire when he goes to feed. Ripping right through any target who he desires to feed on.

Caldwrath The Vile

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