Callum Balmonte

Elected Mayor of Baemore


Age: 32
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Elected Mayor of Baemore
Major Attitude Alignment: Proper, calm & Charismatic. polite while remaining politically correct
Likes: Order, the lawful, Crafting small wooden trinkets or figures.
Dislikes: Blood, Loud sounds, the Unlawful

-Wife Persephone Balmonte
- House Balmonte
-Unnamed Deceased Mother in-law
-Unnamed Deceased Father in-law

Appearance: Short dirty Blonde hair, often brushed back in a presentable way. Scar on face from a previous encounter
Height: 5’10"
Attire: A standard set of noble clothing, can often be seen with a one shouldered cloak with the symbol of his house.
Notable Items: One shoulder cloak bearing the Chained Silver Hand of House Balmonte.


Callum is the elected mayor of Baemore, although the Baemore Region is held under a lord, each town is given the right to elect a mayor, the lord of the Baemore Region lives close to Baemore, but it is still given the same rights as any other city would be given.

Callum was elected due to his family name, House Balmonte, many others who are entrenched in the politics of Baemore question weather or not Callum would have been elected otherwise.

Callum Balmonte

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