Dre Naïlo

Baemore Cartographer


Name: Dre Naïlo
Race:Half Elf
Sub race:Wood Elf/Illuskian
Profession: Cartographer
Major Attitude Alignment: Perky
Traits: Cheerful, Optimistic & Determined

Likes: Exploring, Adventures & Hiking
Dislikes:Being in one place to long, mean or rude people.

-Unknown Mother
-Unknown Father

Appearance:Short for an Elf but taller for a female human, Dre’s fair skin and elven features stand out the most. Short blonde hair that is always cut to her particular style (A braided bob cut).
Attire: A leather garb that is of Elvin fashion, Leather plates joint together by leather strings, a high risen neck guard that is open on the front with a red pendent in the center.
Notable Items: A pair of goggles from a very long time ago when air crafts would fly the skies. Used by explorers to withstand the heavy winds.


Dre is believed to be a fairly preppy female, a half elf who had been given the name Dre, a young female Elven name.

Dre came to Baemore around 10 years ago, she knows a great deal about the area and is obsessed with exploring; Dre spends most of her time making maps of the areas of the Castow Province.

Dre has a small one story house on the edge of town in Baemore where she sells maps and can sometimes be hired as guide for those who with to travel to areas around Baemore Region. She was approached a few years ago by a young boy, Tavion who wished to learn how to make maps. Looking at the boy as he requested, Dre raised a single eyebrow looking at the boys expression of hopefulness, she suddenly shrugged and said “Oh… the 12 Plains, why not?” (She soon began to ramble and count the amount of plains on her fingers while walking away)

Dre Naïlo

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