Estelle Lyne

Baemore Alchemist


Name: Estelle
Age: 74
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Level: 0
Class: N/A
Profession: Alchemist
Major Attitude Alignment:
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Likes: Order, Clean things/people
Dislikes: Change, disorder and the unclean
Soft Spot: People who remind her of her daughter

- Unnamed Mother and Father
- Sister
- Daughter: Alison Lyne
- Grandson Aaron Lyne
Appearance: Tall female, well dressed, white hair tied up. Glasses
Attire: Burgundy Old style dress and corset.
Notable Items: Eye glasses

Concealed Items: None


Estelle is an older woman, she owns and runs the Alchemist shop in Baemore.

Estelle is seen as a very strict woman, she is very skilled at what she does and believes that her skilled services are worth a great deal.

Estelle Lyne

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