Esvele Buckman

Brimstone Inn owner


Name:Esvele Buckman
Status: Deceased
Method of Death: Murder
Killer: Iona Buckman (Post soul tear)
Sub race:Chondathan
Profession:Proprietor of Brimstone Inn
Major Attitude Alignment:Kind, talkative, “motherly”

Likes:Family, helping others, gardening and crafting
Dislikes:Rude people, Rain & People who attempt to use a deeper vocabulary in a unnecessary situation.

-Husband Grigor Buckman
-Grand daughter Iona Buckman
-Unnamed Daughter, deceased
-Unnamed Father, Status unknown

Appearance: Shorter woman, with long white hair, usually tied back. She has a wrinkled face but usually attempts to keep herself as proper as possible.
Attire:long Dress, covered in jewelry, beads and rings.
Notable Items:Wedding ring, a gold banded ring.


Esvele is one of the owners of the Brimstone Inn, she had bought the Inn when she first arrived in Baemore with her husband Grigor Buckman; the two arrived with their granddaughter Iona Buckman

When Esvele is not tending the Inn she will often meet with the head of the gardening association in Baemore, Persephone Balmonte. Esvele is seen as one of the more knowledgeable members of the association due to her age and her passion for the art of gardening.

Esvele Buckman

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