Arena Master


Name: Gaston The Great
Age: Unknown, Presumably mid 30s to late 30s.
Race: Human
Sub race: Unknown, presumable Illskun
Profession: Arena Master and Organizer
Mannerism: Puts a little “umf” into everything he says.
Traits: Outspoken, quirky, brave and loyal.

Likes: Glory, and fighting for it!
Dislikes: Cheats, Thieves and anything that would tarnish the glory of a true fight.


Appearance: A tall man with a fair face that seems partially abused by scars and hits from fighting in the arena. Gaston has a full beard that is well trimmed and kept close to his face.
Height: 6’2"
Attire: Usually seen in a metal chest piece with brown trousers, black boots and a bandaged wrapping on his left leg.
Notable Items: None


A man who appears to have a leg injurey on his left leg.

Once a brave competitor of the Arena of Crest Wood, Gaston became injured in a fight in which he still managed to be victorious in.


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