HroÐgeirr Evgenii

Trappers Son


Name: HroÐgeirr Evgenii (Hro-De-Gear)
Age: 22
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Trapper/Hunter
Mannerism: Confident when speaking, generally nice but can make “douchy” comments.
Traits: Competitive, Focused, Charming & Childish

Likes: Hunting, Pleasing his father, competing with his younger brother & animals
Dislikes: Losing, being put down by his father.

- Father Burchard Evgenii
- Mother Ida Evgenii
- Brother Arseni Evgenii
- Sister Zia Evgenii

Appearance: Much more slender than the rest of his family, HroÐgeirr has more fair features but is also much more defined then his the rest of his family. HroÐgeirr has dark hair often kept back in a pony tail and light green eyes.
Height: 6’
Attire: Cloth clothing with a light silk coat reinforced with thin layers of leather. Like his father, HroÐgeirr also owns a coat built for the elements.
Notable Items: His coat


HroÐgeirr is extremely competitive and whether or not his brother,Arseni Evgenii competes back, he will always try and one up him. His sister Zia is the only one that HroÐgeirr will apparently listen to all of the time.

HroÐgeirr believes that by listening to his father he will become a very good trapper and take over for him one day when he chooses to retire.

HroÐgeirr can usually be seen traveling around town, going to local shops or practicing with his bow, he can also be seen spending time with his friend Anzo Marsk.

HroÐgeirr Evgenii

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