Ida Evgenii

Trappers Wife


Name: Ida Evgenii
Age: 42
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: House Wife
Mannerism: Flirty, enjoys “toying” with people who ask her for advice or help.
Traits: Helpful (Ida will always give help or advice because she enjoys “playing” with people who request it, there for that is her way of keeping them coming back.

Likes: Cooking, Cleaning, Wine and her Children
Dislikes: Her Husband (On most days), believes that

- Husband Burchard Evgenii
- Son HroƐgeirr Evgenii
- Son Arseni Evgenii
- Daughter Zia Evgenii

Appearance: A tall and fairly broad woman, Ida has tawny skin and unusual features
Height: 5’9"
Attire: A red dress usually.
Notable Items: None


Wife to Burchard Evgenii, she spends most of her time cleaning and cooking. No one knew Ida before she came to town from the Castow Region. She married almost as soon as she came to Baemore.

Ida Evgenii

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