Jandar The Tammer

The Ringmaster


Name: Jandar
Age: Unknown, appears roughly mid 30s.
Race: Human (In appearance)
Sub race: Unknown.
Profession: Ringmaster of Traveling Circus
Mannerism: Foot tapping
Traits: Eccentric

Likes: Animals, training animals
Dislikes: Most people (Humanoids)

- Unknown

Appearance: Tall, a middle aged face with dark brown hair that appears almost black, it has light open curls in it, an old fashion hat and often mistaken for a pirate.
Height: 6’
Attire: A white collared shirt, a jacket with tails, has a large cane.
Notable Items:


“It rushes through my veins, it is apart of me, as much as your hand is apart of you!”
- Jandar the Tammer

Jandar is the Ring Master at the “Angdale’s Traveling Circus” it is meant for those who wish to be enthralled with lights, sound and the best entertainment they’ve ever seen!

Known for their animals and the training they give them, the Angdale’s Circus is a large tent with a massive ring, the show experience is one that everyone should experience once in their life.

Jandar The Tammer

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