Kosef Marsk

Baemore Leatherworker


Name: Kosef Marsk
Age: 28
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Leather Worker
Mannerism: Concise & standoffish.
Traits: Seemingly strong willed, kindhearted, fair. Demeanor often suggests he is standoffish.

Likes: Creating things out of leather, Helping people, when people show dedication to their task.
Dislikes: When people make assumptions about him, cold weather.


- Mother Roza Marsk
- Younger brother Roy Marsk
- Youngest brother Anzo Marsk

Appearance: A worn but still attractive face, Kosef’s former adventures show prominently on his body
Attire: A thinly made leather jacket, dyed red; it appears to be something that a noble would wear. Brown trousers and black boots with a cuff at the top.
Notable Items:


Is the local Leather Worker in Baemore.

Kosef Marsk

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