Laureen Greypoint

Baemore Tailor


Name: Laureen Greypoint
Age: 82
Race: Human
Sub race: Chondathan
Profession: Tailor
Mannerisms: Kind, soft motherly.
Traits: Observant,

Likes: Crafts, Artwork, nature & Being Social.
Dislikes: Mess, Loud sounds, Being late.
- Has a particular fear of becoming useless.

- Late Husband, Unnamed

Appearance: Older appearance with many age lines, white hair tied with ribbons, will always be seen with nice clothing on made from fine clothes of various materials, carries no preference for colours.
Height: 5’4"
Attire: Fine clothing, usually a dress.
Notable Items: None


Laureen is an older woman who lives in Baemore and runs the local tailor shop, The Grey Point.

Laureen is a nice older woman who can either be found in her shop working away, or sitting out front of her shop in her garden; often drinking something at her patio table under an umbrella.

Laureen Greypoint

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