Duke Arik Bastion

Lord of the Region of Baemore


Name: Arik
Age: Unknown, appears to be early 20’s.
Race: Human
Sub race: Illuskan – Assumed
Profession: Lord of Baemore Region
Mannerism: Speaks with pauses as he thinks of his words carefully.
Traits: Art, magic, gaining power, artifacts & fine food.


- Unwed Significant other Matthew Lightwood

Appearance: Tall man with fair skin,
Height: 6’2"
Attire: usually seen in noble clothing.
Notable Items: Ring with 4 lines coming from all sides of a circle



Arik offered Arseni training for his magic in return for his companions to bring him an armlet back – Iona died for the first time during this retrieval.

Arik allowed Silease to teleport to Bagoda and back at the cost of a year of her life.

Mireyas child
The Duke was the official deal maker to claim Mireyas child for their group; he gave her brother back in return for the child.

Duke Arik Bastion

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