Low King, Mall'Ex Val'ore

Low King of Aelin-Uial Allanar


Name: Mall’Ex Val’ore
Age: Unknown, believed to be in his 4000’s by his people due to history mentions.
Race: Elf
Sub race: Fey Elf
Profession: King of Aelin-Uial Allanar
Mannerism: Folds hands behind back when speaking.
Traits: Polite, Oblivious

Likes: Helping people, The law, Keeping the law.
Dislikes: The unjust, those with out nobility or morals.

- Wife Low Queen Andre’is Val’ore
- Son Low Prince, Gabriel Aidan Val’ore
- Widowed partner Aidan Humphrey

Appearance: Shorter for an Elf, he has silver eyes and blonde hair that appears to be going silver in some areas, tattoo’d markings on parts of his face of a foreign elven design, fair skin that has seen battle but healed.
Height: 5’9"
Attire:White clothes, some armor that is attached to his shoulders, chest and lower arms.
Notable Items: A long bow that stands nearly 7" off the ground. It is made from a white wood with elven designs.


Low King, Mall'Ex Val'ore

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