Low Prince, Gabriel Aidan Val'ore

Low Prince of Aelin-Uial Allanar


Name: Gabriel Aidan Val’ore
Age: 600 Years Old
Race: Elf
Sub race: Half Fey Elf, half Nim’er (Unknown race, fathers linage)
Profession: Low Prince of Aelin-Uial Allanar
Mannerism: Bows his head often in respect
Traits: Polite, Calm, Caring. (Takes more after his father)

Likes: Nature, his people, his family & His religion
Dislikes: Formalities

- Mother Low Queen Andre’is Val’ore
- Father Low King, Mall’Ex Val’ore

Appearance: Taller than both his mother and his father, Gabriel has fair skin like his parents with short brown hair and elegant features.
Height: 5’11"
Attire: Orange robes with house insignia’s
Notable Items: Armor, full plate that weighs only 2lb.


A young prince with an oddly non Elven name, this is often assumed to be the fault of his father who had spent so much time around humans.

Low Prince, Gabriel Aidan Val'ore

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