Lysander Avalon

Former Jeweler of Baemore


Name: Lysander Avalon
Age: 45
Race: Human
Sub race: Illuskan
Profession: Convict/Former Jewelry Maker
Mannerisms: Relaxed, a “smooth talker”
Traits:Charming, hedonistic, well meaning, remorseful
Likes: Luxuries, music, jewels and crafting, his daughter
Dislikes: Guardsmen, Umbreo Agosto
Selise Avalon (Daughter)
Quara Agosto (Former sister in law)
Umbreo Agosto (former brother in law)
Marta Agosto (niece)
Unnamed Wife (deceased)
Appearance: Dirty blond hair usually half pulled back with a simple tie, a rugged poorly shaven beard, and deep green eyes.
Attire: Worn, low quality clothing including a well used old coat.
Notable Items: His wife’s hand made wedding ring


A former well respected jewelry crafter from Baemore.. His old business Lysander’s Luxuries, was shut down due to heavy debts once he became addicted to mooka. Lysander had married Quara Agosto’s older sister and the two had a happy marriage until his wife died from childbirth. In the years that followed Lysander entered a downward spiral that included his addiction problems and excessive gambling that caused him to resort to theft.

Lysander was eventually arrested for his use of mooka and larceny after his brother in law, Umbreo Agosto, turned him into the guard captain and his daughter was placed in the custody of his in laws. After years in jail Lysander seeks to rebuild his life and his relationship with his daughter upon his release.

Lysander Avalon

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