Marcella Fairchild


Name: Marcella Fairchild
Age: 16
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran, Illuskan
Profession: n/a
Traits: Full of energy, bubbly and easily excitable; often unpleasant and snippy towards her family, specifically her older sister

Likes: Gossiping with her friends, fancy things, and people with money
Dislikes: Responsibility, feeling bored, and reading

Unknown (Maternal Grandfather)
Unknown (Maternal Grandmother)
Rolecome Fairchild (Paternal Grandfather)
Ethelda Fairchild (Paternal Grandmother)
Mercer Fairchild (Father)
Meriele Fairchild (Mother, Deceased)
Mireya Fairchild (Sister)
Sebastian Fairchild (Brother)
Estelle Lyne (Great Aunt)
Alison Lyne (Cousin, Deceased)
Aaron Lyne (Cousin)

Height: 5’3"
Attire: Always having been embarrassed of her poor upbringing, Marcella does her best to dress up her plain clothes as much as possible — a ribbon in her hair, a trinket around her neck, a shawl with a pretty design on it.
Notable Items: A teddy bear that her mother sewed for her when she was a child


Originally a cheerful and energetic child, the course of Marcella’s life changed at the passing of her mother. While still outwardly bubbly and full of energy, beneath the thin veneer of these traits is a deeply troubled girl who is still coping with the loss of her mother.

Marcella rejects her older sister’s efforts to become the “mother” of the house, but has never voiced this out loud. Instead, her feelings manifest in a confusing — to Mireya and her father — effort to stay away from home as much as possible and to talk back and act unpleasantly when she is around. She spends most of her time with friends from school, most of them much more wealthy than herself, and this has driven her to become ashamed of her poor upbringing. Knowing that her mother was rich once, Marcella dreams of one day going to Castow City and finding her estranged grandparents, hoping that they will adopt her and raise her up from the life she has now.

Marcella Fairchild

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