Markus Delwynn

The Baker's Son


Name: Markus Delwynn

Age: 18
Race: Human
Sub race: Chondothan 

Profession: Baker’s Apprentice

Mannerisms: Confident, comes off as arrogant
Traits: Self-Assured, Opinionated, Conservative
Likes: Baking, debating
Dislike:Non-Humans, People who disagree with him
Father Brom Delwynn
Mother Amora Delwynn
Appearance: Long ash brown hair brushed back, with lightly tanned skin and pale green eyes. 

Height: 6’0

Attire: A blue vest over a simple shirt and fought leather trousers, occasionally an apron.

Notable Items: N/A


The son and apprentice of the Brom Delwynn. Markus tends to spend most of his time either running the bakery with his father or at The Badger and the Bard with friends.

He was once childhood friends with Kara Starag, but the two had a falling out due to her friendship with Iona Buckman and have been on hostile terms ever since.

Markus Delwynn

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