Marta Agosto

Baemore, Child.


Name: Marta Agosto
Age: 8
Race: Human
Sub race: Turami
Profession: None
Mannerism: Happy, Generally cheerful.
Traits:Optimistic, determined.

Likes: Training to fight with her father, buying fresh fruits at the market with her mother.
Dislikes: Bad smells, strangers.

- Mother Quara Agosto
- Father Umbreo Agosto

Appearance: Dark skinned, thick black hair in dreadlocks tied back.
Attire: Cloth clothing for middle class, animal skin vest.
Notable Items: Rope necklace with small golden chip for a pendent.


Marta is a child in town, she can often be seen learning her fathers trade or going to the market with her mother.

Marta Agosto

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