Orel Haldon

The Repairman


Name: Orel Haldon
Age: 35
Race: Human
Sub race: Damaran
Profession: Tinkerer
Mannerism: Always in motion, energiezd
Traits: Eccentric, Intelligent, Cheerful

Likes: Fixing things, tinkering, helping people
Dislikes: Overthinking things, nitpicking

- Unnamed Father

Appearance: An out of sorts looking man with wild brown hair and kind, blue eyes. Orel puts little effort into his appearance and opts for more simple made and practical in his clothing.
Height: 5’10
Attire: Orel is almost always seen in his thick leather over coat that is some sort of odd shade of purple, and his thick woolen scarf. Usually he keeps to very simple tunics and trousers on a day to day basis.
Notable Items: His repair tools

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Concealed Items: N/A


Owner of Tinker Town, the local repair and scrap shop in Baemore. Orel is known to be a very bright and inventive man, if somewhat brash and scatterbrained. Orel came to town fifteen years ago and claims he learned to repair things from apprenticing under his father.

Though he has no family of his own, he has taken an apprentice in Iona Buckman.

Orel Haldon

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