Mercer Fairchild

Town Guardsman


Name: Mercer Fairchild
Age: 45
Race: Human
Sub race: Illuskan, Damaran
Profession: Guardsman
Traits: Gruff and rough around the edges but for his eyes, which are always warm and welcoming.

Likes: Brandy, protecting the innocent, his children, and loyalty
Dislikes: Dark places, people with too much money, and a lack of common sense

Rolecome Fairchild (Father)
Ethelda Fairchild (Mother)
Meriele Fairchild (Wife, Deceased)
Mireya Fairchild (Daughter)
Marcella Fairchild (Daughter)
Sebastian Fairchild (Son)
Estelle Lyne (Aunt)
Alison Lyne (Cousin)
Aaron Lyne (Second Cousin)

Height: 6’5"
Attire: Usually seen in his leather armor signature of his position in the town guard.
Notable Items: A plain silver chain, which belonged to his wife, around his neck.


The son of a farmer, Mercer was used to requiring little while growing up and was content with a simple life… until a chance meeting with a young noblewoman from Castow City by the name of Meriele Llewellyn. Worried that he was not good enough for her, Mercer moved away from the small farming community and obtained a position in the town guard in Baemore proper, hoping to prove himself strong and brave if not wealthy.

Luckily for him, Meriele had become just as smitten with him as he was with her, and was willing to forego the trappings of nobility to marry him and move into his tiny house in the city. Together, the two had three children — Mireya, Marcella, and Sebastian — before Meriele’s untimely passing at the age of 36.

Crushed by his wife’s passing, in the early days he regrets that he relied much on his eldest daughter to help support him and her siblings. As he has come to terms with the situation, he has tried to push Mireya to have more of a life of her own and allow him to take over again as the main caretaker of the household, but to little avail.

Mercer Fairchild

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