Persephone Balmonte

Mayors Wife, Beamore City


Name:Persephone Balmonte
Race: Human
Sub race:Damaran
Profession: None official, Head of Local Gardening club
Major Attitude Alignment:


-Husband House Balmonte
-Unnamed Deceased mother
-Unnamed Deceased father

Appearance: Long brown hair that has small ringlets on the sides that boarder her face, pale skin and usually done with some makeup; showing wealth. Has a hair broach of organic silver object displaying the sigil of House Balmonte.
Attire:Flowing dresses, usually blue with silver trim.
Notable Items:Organic hair broach showing the sigil of [House Balmonte | House Balmonte]].


Wife of Callum Balmonte, Persephone is a native of the Alstead Province; she had come to the Castow Province with her family to be wed to Callum.

Although no official position in town, Persephone runs a local Garden club that takes care of most of the plants in town.

Persephone Balmonte

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