Prester Vaugn

Baemore Glassblower


Name: Prester Vaugn
Age: 47
Race: Human
Sub race:
Profession: Glassblower, former Warrior
Major Attitude Alignment: Quiet, Stern.

Likes: Working, Well cooked food, quiet, Teaching
Dislikes: Lazy people, Loud or obnoxious people

- Brothers in Arms, Ashen Brotherhood

Appearance: 5’9", medium large build with
Attire: Moderate quality clothes, can be seen with an apron on at times. Owns and wears a face-mask in town.
Notable Items:

Concealed Items: Sunrod


Prester was one of the men apart of the Ashen Brotherhood roughly 30 years ago; this was not the original group that had formed the brotherhood but their second generation.

Prester had decided in his 20’s that he no longer wished to be apart of the Brotherhood. Prester had taken up training the late Master Mikael, the former Glassblower in town who he now replaced as Baemores Glassblower.

Prester Vaugn

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