Quara Agosto


Name: Quara Agosto
Race: Human
Sub race: Turami
Profession: None
Mannerism: Polite, quiet and proper
Traits: Kind, Gentle & Honorable.

Likes: Fresh fruits, Cleanliness & being outside.
Dislikes: Scoundrels, thieves & inappropriate people.

- Husband Umbreo Agosto
- Daughter Marta Agosto

Appearance: A tall imposing female with large hair that is made of small curls with 2 dreads on either side of her head. Quara has thin face with soft features.
Height: 5’10"
Attire: Red leather-ish style armor chest piece, golden neck harness. Silk skirt that drapes down nearly to her ankles that is in multiple pieces. Sandals made of a gold material with spirals that wrap up a few inches above the ankle.
Notable Items: Golden, solid necklace


Quara has piercing black eyes that appear to always be looking directly at you. Quara works around her house mainly. Quara can usually be seen walking around town with a basket of fruits bought from the market.

Quara Agosto

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