Ramas Fezim

Spice Merchant


Name: Ramas Fezim
Age: 49
Race: Human
Sub race: Mulan
Profession: Spice & Cloth Merchant
Mannerism:Loud and excitable
Traits: Lecherous, Overzealous & Conniving

Likes: Fine food, young women & money
Dislikes: Poor people, bad food & older woman

- None spoken of

Appearance: Larger male that often wears fine clothing that are older and sometimes torn. Scraggly white hair and a scruffy beard.
Height: 5’7"
Attire: Fine clothing, often old and worn.
Notable Items: A dagger with a golden hilt and scabbard.


Ramas is an older man, his family is from the outer reaches of Saranan, he travles around the Castow Province buying and selling fine clothes and spices. Ramas claims to have a supplier for rare and exotic spices from Saranan.

Ramas has a permanent shop in Baemore where he sells his goods.

Ramas Fezim

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