Rolecome Fairchild

The Farmer


Name: Rolecome Fairchild
Age: 72
Race: Human
Sub race: Illuskan
Profession: Farmer
Traits: Gruff, but warm; hardworking, with the energy of a man half his age; lacks patience for those have never had to get their hands dirty

Likes: Nature, wide open spaces, spending time with his wife, and relaxing inside during the winters
Dislikes: Traveling into the city, not being able to watch over his crops, and being forced to change his ways

Ethelda Fairchild (Wife)
Mercer Fairchild (Son)
Meriele Fairchild (Daughter-in-Law, Deceased)
Mireya Fairchild (Granddaughter)
Marcella Fairchild (Granddaughter)
Sebastian Fairchild (Grandson)

Height: 6’6"
Attire: A rugged set of coveralls and work boots over a soft cotton shirt. He can often be found with traces of nature on him — seeds, hay, dirt, and the like are a testament to the amount of time he spends lovingly tending his crops.


A humble farmer from the agricultural community outside of Baemore, the only thing Rolecome will ever admit that the city is good for was meeting his wife, Ethelda. Much more comfortable in wide open spaces, he only visits Baemore once or twice a year to see his son and grandchildren.

Having never a huge fan of the daughter-in-law who compelled his son to move away, he has tried time and time again to convince Mercer to move back home since her death. Rolecome always regarded Meriele as little more than a spoiled nobleman’s daughter no matter what she did to prove otherwise, and this treatment has always been a sore spot between he and his son. While he loves his grandchildren, he laments the fact that they continue to be raised as “city folk” and worries that they will grow up soft from never having to work hard in the way he has.

Rolecome Fairchild

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